4-Part Course Series:
The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing

In this abridged version of Stanford's BUS 257 course, move beyond traditional marketing methods and discover the modern strategies you need to acquire and retain users throughout the mobile growth funnel.
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About the Series

This 4-part course is an abridged version of the sold-out Stanford University course "The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing" taught by Branch Co-founder and VP of Marketing Mada Seghete and Graphite CEO Ethan Smith. The series contains all the course concepts covered in the Stanford course and features special guest speakers from world-renowned companies.

You'll learn growth marketing tactics, frameworks and strategies to grow your app in a fragmented mobile ecosystem. Become a growth expert by discovering specific strategies for growth down each stage of the funnel, how to make your products go viral, best practices to optimize a paid marketing budget, and much more.

Topics covered per course include organic app growth, paid and affiliate marketing, virality, activation, and retention.


Mada Seghete
Co-founder and Head of Marketing
Ethan Smith
Co-founder and CEO
Steijn Pelle
Former Product Manager
Gallant Chen
Former VP Digital Marketing
Kevin Indig
Former VP SEO & Content


Strategies to help you grow your app through every stage of the funnel.

Organic Growth

Low-cost acquisition strategies to grow your user base

Paid & Affiliate

Optimize your paid ads and affiliate campaigns


How to take your app viral

Activation & Retention

Turn new users into active users with high retention rates