Using external influencers and track their performance

We have a mobile app and we want some external people (not users in our app) to promote our app and drive growth. We need to measure how each one of those people perform. We have an idea but are unsure if it would work and if it does, is it the best strategy?

  • Create a link for each of those people
  • They would distribute the link to their audiences in different social media
  • Users would click the link -> Download the app -> Open it. Track the link where they came from. Internally in our backend we could run queries to see how many users came from each link.

1 – Is this feasible with Branch?

2 – Is there a better way in which the performance of each link could be tracked in Branch website?


Sphere — Developer
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Answered on January 21, 2017.

Hey – thanks for posting the question.

1 – Yes this is feasible with Branch and is one of the core use-cases.

2 – You can see the data in the Branch dashboard on the performance for each of the links.

If you are creating a limited number of such marketing links, you can do so from the Branch Dashboard->Create Links section. There are other ways to create Branch links as documented here and you can choose the method best suited for your needs. Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks!