Still confused about App Indexing

Hi there,

so about this “Automatic sitemap generation” thing, first I imagine there would be a branch bot crawling all contents in my app, and create the corressponding  sitemap for me.

After some further study, it seems that all it did is to save every branch link generated in my app to a sitemap, and submit to google.

So if I want all contents in my app to be searchable by google, I’ll have to manually generate branch link fo every page in my app?
Is there any tools or some kind of best practice to help me do this right?

Secondly, what will happen to this sitemap if I change domain name? Do I have to generate all content’s branch link all over again?

And what about the old domain, sitemap, link? Will user see two search results of my app when they search?

Thanks for your helping.

OurCityLove Social Enterprise — Developer
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Answered on April 20, 2017.

Hi – thanks for posting the question.

Firstly, I’d suggest that you read our documentation on App Indexing here:

There are 2 use-cases here actually.

  1. Apps that have a corresponding website: In this case, you can use our WebSDK to automatically inject app indexing tags on your web page and it’ll be indexed directly by Google. If you have a website with all the content then you can use the steps as detailed here:
    In this case, the links are indexed on your website domain.
  2. Apps that do not have a corresponding website: In this case, Branch will create a sitemap of all the Branch links that are created that Google will index. There is no way to automatically scrape all the content inside the app and have it indexed; you’ll need to have links created for every content piece in your database if that is what you need. Also, note that these links are on the Branch’s domain and not your domain. Therefore, even if your app link domain, the content would still be indexed on the domain.
Commented on May 18, 2017.

Hi Ankit, many thanks for your help!

Now we’ve generated1000 links, and google has indexed 500 of them, ya!

So the next question is: How can I see my links in the search result?

We are running a restaurants review app, and we generated links with restaurant name, image, and description.

When I  try to search by restaurant name, the search result is filled with other blog reviews, no surprise.

But when I try with a small segment of restaurant description, which I thought would be most accurate, I couldn’t find my link either. (I found the link to our open data of restaurants in a google spreadsheet instead. )

I’ve also tried to search with “restaurant_name” and no result as well.

Is there anything wrong with our link setup?  Or can I do anything to make our links do better in google search?

OurCityLove Social Enterprise — Developer