SFSafariViewController should display content to users in iOS 10 and above.

Dear Support Team,

We have started using Branch SDK for referral process and using SDK version “0.12.19″ in our iOS app (under development). In your documents you mentioned that you are providing 100% accuracy because of “SFSafariViewController” useful to read cookies. But Apple said that SFSafariViewController should display content to users in iOS 10 and above else app may get reject. So do we need to add/write any extra code from our side. Please provide us some clarity on it.

Thank You.

RevCompany — Developer
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Answered on April 13, 2017.

Hi there!

You are exactly right: Apple’s policy is that you should not trigger a non-visible SFSafariViewController. Branch has support for this by allowing you to open the SFSafariViewController to complete 100% matching before immediately forwarding to a URL of your choice. You can find documentation on that here.

Also, the current iOS SDK version is 0.14.12 — you’ll definitely want to update for the best experience!

P.S., for Branch-related questions, you’ll always get the quickest response by submitting a ticket to our Integrations team.

Branch — Developer