LinkedIn share URL (branch generated URL)

Hi, I am sharing a URL on Linkedin, that is generated via branch ‘custom Onboarding’ approach for iOS. The problem I am facing is that  authentication and share in linkedin works, but the user will be shown a linked in app screen for some seconds and back to my application. He will not be able to see what happened actually and the sharing of post is already done! Can you suggest any way to enhance my user experience for this particular scenario.

SoluteLabs — Developer
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Answered on January 17, 2017.

Hey – excuse me for the delayed response on this one. As I see, when you share a link to any channel, that’s what the standard behavior usually is. Is there a specific experience that you are looking for your user ?

Commented on January 17, 2017.

Yes actually it is the default behaviour from linked in, but have customised as I wanted.
Thanks anyway 😅

SoluteLabs — Developer