Link on iOS always redirecting to download page, working on android


I have implemented deep links to my company mobile application.

Everything seems to be working fine on Android, asking to download the app when it is not installed and opening the app to a precise point when the app is installed.

My problem is on iOS, every time that I click on the same link that is working for Android, I am being redirected to download the app, even if it is already installed.

I tried to find informations regarding that issue but been unsuccessful as of right now.

Any hint would be very helpful!

Thanks, Karl.

Salesfloor — Developer
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Answered on March 8, 2017.

This seems to be a problem with Universal Links setup. Can you follow our troubleshooting guide here and if you still face the issue please write to our integrations team here with your account details. Thanks.

Answered on March 8, 2017.

Hi ankit,

Let me provide some more context so we might get to a better pinpoint of the problem.

  1. We are using Phonegap Build to deploy our application (it is not a native app, and it is not even a local cordova build, so there are some limits to what we are currently able to do)
  2. We were able to configure plain deep-linking properly. A link like
    will reach the a_path screen with the params passed in, both on iOS and Android
  3. We have not configured Universal Links yet

The problem we are seeing right now is that specifically on iOS and only with links through Branch, instead of finding the application when it is installed, it always redirect to the custom link we have setup to download the Application.

Is there anything we’re missing to make this work within our context, or are you implying that without activating and implementing universal links, Branch will never be able to find the mobile app, even if our plain deeplinks are working as expected?

If so, what is the reason for that limitation?


Your help is much appreciated!

Best Regards,


Salesfloor — Developer
Answered on March 12, 2017.

Hey Mike – thanks for the details!

Let me throw some light on this! So, with iOS 9.2, Safari broke the ability to safely deep link into an app via URI schemes. You can read about this here. Therefore, for the sake of an optimal user experience, Branch links rely on Universal Links to open the app on devices running iOS 9.0 and above and falls back to uri schemes on iOS 9.0 below (where uri schemes are still supported). So, to get the best out of Branch and deep linking in general, you will have to implement Universal Links in your app. Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks!