Is it possible to track the click count after called Branch.initSession() ?

Asked on June 18, 2017 in Technical.

Hello community, I just intergrated Branch in my app, and I was wondering how to do the click counting for my app. For example, I created a deep link, shared it on facebook, and next time when I logged in, opened my app,  I wanna know how many people clicked my link. I noticed that I could check that in the dashboard, but is it possible to track the click count after called Branch.initSession(), in the callback function? Or I can use other function to get the counting of the clicks for my specific link? — Developer
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Answered on June 18, 2017.

Hi – thanks for posting the question.

As you mentioned, clicks on a Branch link can be seen on the Branch dashboard. When the app is installed/opened by a Branch link, that information is also available on the dashboard. If you’d like to track other events within the app, you can do so as well using the custom events tracking:

Ideally, since the click happens outside the app, it cannot be accurately measured inside the app. Let us know if there is a specific use-case for your requirement and we’d be happy to help. For any technical queries, please reach out to our integrations team here.

Commented on June 19, 2017.

Thanks for your answer!

What I wanna do is that if a user share a link on facebook, and next time when he logged in we will send him a certain amount of reward depends on how many people clicked on his link. So as far as I understood, I can just measure the click counting by checking on the Branch dashboard and it’s not possible to send the counting of the clicks back to the user who shared the link by using Branch, am I correct? — Developer
Commented on June 19, 2017.

Yes, that’s correct. We currently do not have any mechanism to expose aggregated click analytics. What you can do is, create a webhook to send a link click back into your system and then reward based on that.

However, in my opinion, the best way forward would be to set up a referral rule on when the app is opened/installed from the referral link.

Commented on June 19, 2017.

I will try to set up a referral rule! thank you so much for your help! — Developer