iOS Universal Links only working on Dev, on Prod App never opens, user always directed to App-Store. Bundle-seed of App-ID is NOT equal to Team-ID!

Asked on December 20, 2016 in Technical.

Has anybody any experience with doing iOS Universal Links using SDK with an App were the Bundle-Seed of the App-ID is NOT equal to Team-ID?

Our App was first time released, when Apple did not strongly recommend to use the Team-ID as the Bundle-Seed. In our case the Bundle-Seed is equal to the Prefix (Prefix found under: Apple Developer->Account->Certificates,IDs&Profiles->App IDs->Prefix)

Not matter if I try with or Firebase Dynamic Links problem is the same:
Deep-Linking with iOS Universal Links working on debug App but not with prod version. No matter if App is installed or not, user is always redirected to App-Store!

To me it looks like iOS is not able to figure out if our App is installed on device or not, since Bundle-Seed is not similar to Team-ID.

Is it possible that the Third Party Deep-Linking Software is trying to match the Bundle-Seed to the Team-ID and if these to strings are not matching, the App cannot be found even if installed on device?

The ‘native’ Universal Links mechanisms with no Third Party (like etc) involved and only using an apple-app-site-association file on our WebServer is working fine!

Any Help around? Thanks a lot!


AppRunnsers — Developer
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Answered on December 23, 2016.

Hi – thanks for posting the question. Your Team ID and Bundle ID should match those on the Dashboard. You can find them in the Dashboard under Settings > Link Settings, in the iOS section next to “Enable Universal Links.” They should match your Team ID and Bundle ID. Team ID can be found here Your Bundle ID is found in Xcode, in the General tab for the correct build target. If your Apple App Prefix is different from your Team ID, you should use your App Prefix. Your app prefix can be found from App IDs on Apple’s Developer Portal.

If Universal Links still do not work for your production app, please write to our integrations team here with your account details and we will look into it. Thanks!

Answered on December 23, 2016.

Hello Ankit,

Many thanks for your help. I assume I found the reason in the mean time. There was a problem with the .entitlement file. The Branch Domains that must be added to the Associated Domains never made their way into the deployed  .app Container.  I hope, that we the correct .entitlement file all will work fine after the next release. Regards, Bruno.

AppRunnsers — Developer