InitSession gets called when accessing photos

Asked on April 7, 2017 in Technical.

Hello, so my problem is that when app asking for access to photos library from pickerController initSession from addDelegate is being trigged. The thing is happening only when user first time allows app to enter library, and I got 3 other picker controllers inside my app and everyone behave the same, it’s not connected with branch in any way, and also their superview vc’s don’t even import branch. So I think the problem might be inside my info.plist but everything seems to be correct, and don’t know whats wrong.

InitSession gets called when accessing photosinfo.plist

initsession inside app delegate:


let branch = Branch.getInstance()

branch?.initSession(launchOptions: launchOptions, automaticallyDisplayDeepLinkController: true, deepLinkHandler: { params, error in
if error == nil && params?["+clicked_branch_link"] != nil && params?["privatePollKey"] != nil{
// print("właśnie otworzyła się prywatna ankietka z paramsami: %@", params?.description)

// if KeychainWrapper.standard.string(forKey: "uid") != nil {

// self.window?.rootViewController = MainNavigationController(rootViewController: MainScrollView())


// let navController = self.window?.rootViewController as! MainNavigationController

// navController.pushViewController(SelectedRandomPollVC(pollKey: params?["privatePollKey"] as! String), animated: false)

// }else{

self.window?.rootViewController = LoginPageVC()

// }


self.window?.rootViewController = LoginPageVC()




kam.voick — Developer
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Answered on April 10, 2017.

Hi – thanks for posting the question. Can you create a ticket for our integrations team with your account details here and we will look into this case in detail. Thanks!