I have overridden the ‘$default_url’ programatically but still it is redirecting non-app installed ios device to ‘default_url’ set in link settings?

iOS device which does not have app installed, I want to redirect them to some dynamic link generated while sharing, NOT on AppStore. I am trying to override the ‘default_url’ set in link settings programatically like below:

BranchLinkProperties *linkProperties = [[BranchLinkProperties alloc] init];

linkProperties.feature = @”sharing”;

[linkProperties addControlParam:@”$ios_url” withValue:@”created_link_from_dashboard_works_well_for_app_installed_device”];

[linkProperties addControlParam:@”$desktop_url” withValue:@”dynamic_link_trying_to_override_link_settings”];

 [linkProperties addControlParam:@”$default_url” withValue:@”dynamic_link_trying_to_override_link_settings”];

[linkProperties addControlParam:@”$custom_url” withValue:@”dynamic_link_trying_to_override_link_settings”];

 [linkProperties addControlParam:@”$fallback_url” withValue:@”dynamic_link_trying_to_override_link_settings”];


When I tap on shared content from Notes/Message, it redirects me to the safari(no problem) but safari opens ‘Default Link’ set inside Link Settings in dashboard not the programatically overridden one.

OAB — Developer
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Answered on July 27, 2016.

Hi there!

The confusing thing is that $ios_url is for devices without the app installed yet (because if the app is installed, the user is sent there instead). $default_url is overridden by $ios_url, which is why things seem not to be working.

Try setting $ios_url to your dynamic generated link and see if that does what you’re expecting!

Branch — Developer
Commented on July 27, 2016.

 Now when app is installed then also it opens the url (url given inside $ios_url) in browser. 


OAB — Developer