How to find the source of my app install?

So, I created a Marketing Link “LINK_A” for my marketing campaign. I can see clicks and installs against this link on the Branch Dashboard.

Is there any way that Branch can tell me, which source has driven this install from LINK_A ? As in, was the link clicked in an Sms, or via an email, or Facebook or WHatsapp – anything for that matter.

Please let me know how this source/medium is tracked? — Developer
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Answered on July 19, 2016.

Hi there!

Unfortunately there is no way to do this easily. Especially since with iOS Universal Links, there actually isn’t any sort of referrer string to use.

What you could do is append a tracking parameter to the link based on where you are posting it, but that won’t be completely foolproof because of course the same link could always be shared elsewhere

Branch — Developer