How can I track multiple Google conversions on Branch?

Hello, I’m trying to get two universal app campaigns with Google AdWords off the ground right now, both optimised for signups, which are two separate conversions – Android signups & iOS signups. In Branch, in Settings > Links, I can only input the information for one Google conversion. Is there nowhere else to input?? Can I really not set up Branch tracking for two Google conversions? Please help, thanks!

MedShr Ltd — Marketer
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Answered on December 1, 2016.

Hey – thanks for posting the question. You can use one Branch link to track both Android and iOS signups. At this time, one Universal App Campaign can only be associated with one Branch link as documented here: However, if this does not cover your use case, we’d love to learn more about it. Please write to our integrations team here with details and we will take a look into it. Thanks!

Commented on December 13, 2016.

But in this case, there are 2 Universal App Campaigns, not 1.

I’m running in the same issue where I have hundreds of Universal App Campaigns, some for Android, some for iOS. I only need 2 conversions (iOS first-open and Android first-open). Both conversions avec the same Conversion ID but different Conversion Labels. But I can only input 1 conversion ID and 1 conversion Label in Branch settings?

Hopper — Marketer
Commented on December 15, 2016.

Can you write in to our integrations team here  with the details ?

Commented on March 10, 2017.


I also have the same problem — wanting to track two Universal App Install campaigns. Has a solution been implemented yet?

OneCipher Solutions Private Limited — Marketer