How can I get users for my app?

Any ideas? Low budget ones, or even better no budget ones!

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Answered on April 28, 2016.

Join an in-app advertising system like Flurry. 

This will allow you to be cross-promoted by other apps on the system.

Branch Metrics — Developer
Answered on May 6, 2016.

Thats the question everyone is asking these days.

Primitive marketing teaches us to follow “Reaching out in Personal Network”, “PR”, “Reviews by Experts”

But I believe that the user acquisition strategy depends on your app  only. For downloads there can be any strategy but if you want active users, you should design according to your app only.

I would suggest to consult someone. If you want we can have a discussion on that.

Partiko — Marketer
Answered on June 30, 2017.

Hi, here are some tips about how to get more users for your app.

  • Ensure the quality

Only high quality app can get more users and finally retain the users.  Fix the bugs and make sure your app is a good one.  Also improve the functions.

  • App Store Optimization

Through keywords search optimization, make your app appear in the top charts in a short time. This is very useful for boost app store rankings. This can make your app can be searched easier by potential users. You can do it yourself, or find some reliable companies.

  • Ask for friends and relatives’ help

Ask them download your app, and they can advertise it to their friends, spread one by one is also a good way, but the downloads amount maybe very less.

  • Create some communities

Create or join some communities which full of app developers, you can help each other by download each other app, this can bring a certain number of downloads, but maybe need to spend a lot of time .

  • Social media

Register some social media account, writing some articles about your app, list its advantages, leave messages under the target users’ blog, let more potential users know about your app.

  • Advertising

we must admit that this is a really useful way, make an attractive video, put it play in the people-crowd places, such as subway station,  square screens and airport, get more people know your app.

Above are some methods about how to get more users,  including free way and paid way, you can choose the methods according your own situation.

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