Hosted deep linking url to website ?

As mentioned in branch documentation on ” Hosted Deep Link Data ” , ” If you host deep link data in your website source code, Branch can automatically convert a simple web URL into a corresponding Branch link that deep links to relevant content in your mobile app. ”

To connect web pages to App what all I need to do ,add the meta tags in my web pages. What will happened on click of that web url through mobile browser ,desktop browser or social media App. Will web url redirected to open in App or not ?
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Answered on March 31, 2017.

If the user is clicking on a Branch link on mobile, it can open the app if it is installed. The documentation that you are referring to is for creating deep links. There are multiple ways to create Branch link as documented here:

If you’d like to nudge the user to install/open the app from the mobile website, you can use Branch Journeys banner here:

The web Url of your mobile site will itself not open the app or route the user. Let us know if you have more questions. Thanks!