Has anyone had success w/ fetching Facebook Install data to Branch? (via Branch deeplinks)

We’ve an Android app & we’re doing Facebook Ads for the same. We’d like to get the Facebook Install data to Branch by using Branch deeplinks. Here’s the documentation provided by Branch for the same – https://dev.branch.io/features/facebook-ads/guide/ 

Even upon implementing every piece of that, it doesn’t work out. Facebook wants the deeplink to be in the form of App URL scheme (mymobileapp:// ….) & it isn’t accepting any Branch deeplink. If we go w/ the structure that Facebook suggests, how can we track clicks or installs from Facebook Ads at all (in Branch)?

English Dost — Marketer
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Answered on August 11, 2016.

Hi there!

This is an issue we see occasionally without any specific rhyme or reason. The workaround is a bit more effort, but still possible. Take a look at this page for details!

Branch — Developer