Getting User Id attributed to Branch Id in influencers tab

Is there an API endpoint for grabbing the data in the influencers section under referrals? I would like to attribute the data exported from the Export API to the user ID’s on  my platform (We are setting the branch identity in the iOS and Android SDK’s). I can view it in the dashboard but would like a way to do it programmatically. My other option is to set a JSON value in the branch link when it is created with user_id.

The Unite Project Inc. — Product Manager
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Answered on May 15, 2017.

You’d need to ensure that setIdentity() is getting called on both your SDKs. Then, when you export the data you’ll see a mapping between the Branch identity and developer identity. If you are not seeing this data, there must be some setup issue. In that case, please create a ticket for our integrations team here.