Facebook Install Ads and Custom Parameters

Hi there,

I’m trying to promote my app through Facebook App Installs. Normally, I use UTM parameters with other traffic sources for my app, and I would like to keep using it with FB App Installs (for internal campaign optimisation).

The goal is to pass UTM parameters to Google Play Store, the end result URL should look like this (dummy link below):



I have read the Docs and the Forum and tried many things, but I cannot get it to work. Ideally, the deeplink would pass the custom parameters to Play Store, but it doesn’t.

So I am either looking for a solution for:

A) Get custom variables passed to GPlay Store on deeplink (I don’t have the branch.io SDK installed)

B) Easier solution I believe – To force the link to always open the Fallback URL instead of the deeplink. Fallback URL looks like the example above. Flow would be as follows:

FB App Install ad > Branch Link > Fallback URL kicks in with UTM param and opens link in browser > GPlay Store App launches > Users download and Install app > UTM goes through the whole flow from start to finish and I grab it on my end. The flow and Branch link works as described if clicked from en email, but not from FB (tested using FB App Ads Tester tool).

Any ideas would be really appreciated 🙂


Thanks in advance!

NA — Marketer
Commented on October 12, 2016.

Is there a specific reason for why you are not using the SDK? Because with it, you just could use the universal object or link object to retrieve your custom params of your last referring link or first referring link.

Is it a Android native app or something made with Unity?

Kaasa health — Developer
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Answered on October 12, 2016.

Hey, thanks for the question. I am looping in our integrations team to look into this case.