Facebook Universal Links

iOS:  have installed Branch via Fabric. I also added Facebook’s share SDK and others. I followed all the steps to setup the account both in Facebook developer and branch.

In branch I have enabled Test mode. So the app links it provided are



I am able to create URL and share it on Facebook as well. Opening the URL in notes app works fine.

When Facebook is logged in via browser and deep link post is clicked, it opens the app (i.e., working fine.)

But when Facebook App is used and on click of deep link post, it opens the redirect-url I provided in branch dashboard and not the app. App is available in phone. Its not redirecting to the app.

I read few post that Facebook app doesn’t support direct deep linking from July2016. But I don’t see any official Facebook page specifying this. Is this true?  Whats the alternate approach(Only Deep Views)?

VDROP — Developer
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Answered on June 5, 2017.

HI – thanks for posting the question. That’s right, Universal Links do not work from Facebook’s web view. Therefore, the only way to safely deep link off the Facebook’s native app on iOS is to use Branch Deep views. You can read more about the expected link behaviour in our documentation here: https://dev.branch.io/getting-started/link-behavior/guide/#behavior-when-the-app-is-installed

Let me know if you have more questions.