Facebook ad tracking not working – Out of ideas

Asked on September 16, 2016 in Technical.

We have facebook ads running and we have code to forward branch information to mixpanel upon

. We’ve tried:

  • we’ve authenticated our app under link settings
  • settings our facebook ad deeplink to branch link
  • we’ve tried setting it to urlScheme://open?link_click_id=id
  • we’ve tried disabling deepview on the link by adding deeplink data on the link
    • $android_deepview: false
    • $ios_deepview : false

Even trying all of those suggestions from the website, we’re unable to get the branch info on either iOS or Android (neither work). Our link shows that there are some clicks (10 currently) and we know we’re getting installs (from facebook’s dashboard). Does anyone have this working or other possible issues?

Workpop — Developer
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Answered on September 19, 2016.

We recently discovered a dashboard bug that caused Facebook Ads authentication settings to be erased. Can you head over to Link Settings and re-authenticate Facebook at Dashboard->Settings->Link Settings->Authenticate with Facebook Install Ads.

Our sincere apology for this. Let us know if this does not unblock you.