Email link with custom redirector pointing to deep link redirector

We have a client utilizing for deep link routing to their app.

We also utilize our own redirection url (for our own internal tracking of email link clicks) on all links coming from our system, so it appears the additional “hop” is causing issues with the url from understanding how to proceed.  If we visit the link directly using a device, it works fine – however reaching the link through our custom redirect only brings up the client’s website on the mobile device and does not open/reach the intended area on the app.

So in essence, the flow is:

User clicks link > first we stop at our tracking url to track the event > we are then redirected to the custom link from for deep linking.

Is it possible that no longer has visibility of the original request/device/referrer since we are adding in the additional stop and cannot move forward?

Look forward to any thoughts you may have.

Heartland Payment — Developer
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Answered on January 2, 2017.

Hi – thanks for posting the question.

The best practice in using Branch link is to not wrap them up. With the exception of Android App Links on Android (available 6.0+) and Universal Links on iOS (9.0+), wrapping links would work. Note that iOS 9.2 onwards, the only way to safely open the app on iOS is by using Universal Links. If you are seeing this behaviour on an iOS device 9.2+, then it is the wrapping that is not letting Branch links open app. This is because the way Universal Links have been designed by Apple,  they do not work on a redirect. Here is our guide on expected link behaviour:

If you are facing issues with the expected behaviour, please create a ticket for us here and we will look into it. Thanks!