Do i need to generate branch link again for fall back to my app?

Hi i am trying to incorporate branch app indexing into my app. I have a question regarding  documentation. The documentation shows  like

let branchUniversalObject: BranchUniversalObject = BranchUniversalObject(canonicalIdentifier: "item/12345")
branchUniversalObject.canonicalUrl = ""
branchUniversalObject.title = "My Content Title"
branchUniversalObject.contentDescription = "My Content Description"
branchUniversalObject.imageUrl = ""
branchUniversalObject.addMetadataKey("property1", value: "blue")
branchUniversalObject.addMetadataKey("property2", value: "red")

// register a view to add the item to the index


My question is if my content appeared in the google and if the user click on the link, will he is going to redirect to AppStore or App if he got installed already ?? If not what should i do to achieve this with branch.

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Answered on August 28, 2016.


Thanks for posting the question. The links indexed by Branch are on the domain. On iOS, the link appearing on Google search result will take the user to the App Store if Deepviews are not enabled. However, if Deepviews are enabled, the user can open the app directly from the Deepview page. You can read more about Branch Deepviews here:

Hope this answers your question. Let me know if you need more information.