Detecting unique install from different mediums


My requirement is simple, i need to detect from which channels growth is happening, such as email, facebook, twitter etc. I am thinking of creating links for different channels to know it.

And, what I want is when some one opens that links it either takes to the store if app is not install or it either takes to the app if it is already install, and in both cases i should be able to check that in dashboard.

I have both android and iOS apps, but i be doing this exercise first for iOS. How can I test this, since my store app doesnt have branch integrated.

Dunzo — Developer
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Answered on April 20, 2017.

Hey – thanks for posting the question. Your app, either on iOS or Android, does not need to be on the store to integrate and test Branch. All you need to do host the app on a URL and use if in your Dashboard->Link Settings->iOS Redirect/Android Redirect.  The use-case that you mentioned is the most basic that Branch supports. Please sign-up for Branch if you have not already here and then integrate the SDK as documented here.

If you have any queries, please write to our integrations team here. Thanks!