Deeplink not working for Facebook ads

The instructions for setting up deep links in Facebook app ads doesn’t seem to work for us. When I add a branch link to the deep link field I get an error:

App Links Field Invalid:: The described URL doesn't have app links HTML meta tags. Use a different URL or a mobile deep link (e.g. "mobileapp://"). (fbtrace_id: CQwyzyChMX+)

Has Facebook changes the way it registered deep links? Are we missing an app specific URI (how do we add this) or are we missing meta tags of some kind (should branch pick this up for us or do we need to add them somewhere ourselves)?

Any ideas on ways to move that forward?

Squirrel — Product Manager
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Answered on October 29, 2016.

Hi there!

This happens sometimes — we’re not quire sure why Facebook sometimes reports an error at this step. Take a look at the workaround options here and let us know if you’re still having difficulties.

Branch — Developer
Commented on October 30, 2016.

@abauer – thanks for the tip, from the Facebook tool I’ve been able to debug the config we had and fix the issues.

Thanks again!

Squirrel — Product Manager