deeplink from facebook share posting directs to app store only

Hi there,

I’ve implemented deeplink for iOS (using react native) and tested with share options;
Other share options (e.g. email, slack) seem to work fine (open the app if app is installed)
but facebook share seems to direct to app store even if app is installed

did some research in here and most answers were saying to use deep view which is a web splash page; another click from that page would open the app.

Is that still the only option? no way to open the app directly from facebook share posting?

I don’t think it’s something facebook has blocked because
I’ve seen other apps doing it (e.g. soundcloud, recordfarm)

any comments will be appreciated!!

AllThatSeries — Developer
1 Answer(s)
Answered on December 15, 2016.

This seems to be an issue with Universal Links setup. However, please note that the native Facebook app on iOS does not support Universal Links and it is the only safe way to open apps on iOS 9.2 onwards. Please refer to our documentation on Universal Links here. You can use a Branch Deepview as an interstitial and then you can redirect the users directly into the app via Universal Links.