deeplink don’t open appli on share simple message

Hello everybody, I have a problem with my deep links on Android. I generate my links thanks to I test my app on a samsung SM-G920F, with android. And I followed the tutorial with cordova ionic in order to create my content links and my universal links. But the problem is that when I share my link via the application on gmail for example, I can access to the app, but when I paratage my link on message or memo note for example(phone interne apps ), it opens to me the url address that i configured in case the application is not installed. I believe that interne message service (simple message SMS) opens the default links on a browser, but how can I force my links to open via the installed application before opening the download page. Knowing that on the dashboard I checked the option “Always try to open app” thank you in advance

mine — Developer
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Answered on June 23, 2017.

Hi – thanks for posting the question. It seems like a link configuration issue. Can you share the link that you are testing with with our integrations team here?