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Asked on October 6, 2016 in Marketing.

Hi all,


I’m advertising a social app (for iOS and Android, not option for implementing it in Facebook) with games and I’d like to run Facebook competitions (such as quizes, daily promos, etc.). The prizes will be awarded to the people who comment on the competition posts. The social app is gathering only device IDs and doesn’t have Facebook login. The prizes will be awarded at first after asking customers for their device ID.


This method will work for a small group of people participating in the competition, but it will be very tedious process once there are more people participating.

I’m interested to know if there is an alternative, more clever way to connect the Facebook ID with the device ID and then to build a simple back-office for awarding players in bulk.

Thanks a lot in advance!



tr1niti — Sales
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Answered on October 6, 2016.


Do you plan to ask your customers to enter the device id themselves ? It that is the case then it’ll be really easy for your users to game the system. I would suggest that you look at using Facebook login to identify, authenticate and reward the users. However, there might be other better ways to do this that I am not aware of, sorry about that :/