Commerce event – cant see products in live view

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Is it okay that field “Products” is null in “Liveview & Export”->Commerce events in branch dashboard?


Its 100% copy&paste from “Full code example” from

How to see product?

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Commented on April 5, 2017. – result in LiveView&Export

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Hi – thanks for posting the question. If you have implemented Revenue analytics event exactly as documented here and are still not seeing the Product info in the Live view, please create a ticket for integrations team here to look into the issue. Thanks!

Answered on May 5, 2017.

The problem is solved, thanks


Hi there,

We patched the products issue, your payloads should carry through correctly for now on, I just tested it! Thank you very much for both being patient and bringing this issue to our attention!


Evan Groth


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