Click Flow and Deepviews statistics don’t add up

For our iOS and Android apps we had close to 2700 link clicks in the last 14 days:

Click Flow and Deepviews statistics don't add up

However, when I look at the deepviews data (all of our links are using deepviews), we have only 1552 views for the deepviews.

Click Flow and Deepviews statistics don't add up

Does this mean that a branch link was pressed 850 times and the deepview was not loaded?

Furthermore, when comparing the number of installs from the two images we see 185 installs in the first. Wheras in the second image we have 133 installs and 146 upgrades.

How does these numbers add up to 185? Can you please explain how these numbers are calculated and how they are related.

Thanks a lot



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Answered on September 13, 2016.

If a Branch link directly opens up the app, as in case of Universal Links on iOS or Android App Links on Android, the Deepview is not opened and hence difference in the numbers of link clicks not adding up to no. of views on Deepview.

Secondly, the total installs were 185 out of which 133 were driven by Deepviews, leaving out the upgrades which are not counted as installs.

It also suggests that there were 185-33 = 52 installs that happened via a Branch link click that did not have the Deepview enabled. I hope this helps answer your question.