Can I create a branch deeplink which always opens in Safari browser on iOS by default ?

Asked on July 11, 2017 in Technical.

I am distributing apple configuration files (.mobileconfig files) to the users in our organization via downloadable link. If the user opens this link on Safari app, it automatically opens the settings app to install the application profile.
However, for those iOS users who have chrome as their default browser, the settings app won’t open. Instead Chrome just downloads the file and cannot even open it or detect any app on system that can open it. I was wondering if this problem can be solved via deeplinks or not. I can place the link in a href tag on a web page or share the link directly with the user. My first preference would be to automatically open the link via settings app irrespective of the default browser on the device. If that’s not possible, then opening the link in Safari irrespective of default browser on device. I am not sure if even that’s possible or not

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Answered on July 12, 2017.

Unfortunately, you cannot control it via a deep link. If the user has Chrome as the default browser, then the link will open in Chrome and you cannot programmatically control that :/