Branch Share url – doesnt deeplink to app

So, I have this Activity in my android app – Activity C. Activity C is NOT the launcher activity. I create a SHARE_URL from Activity C, using BranchUniversalObject and LinkProperties. I share it, say, via whatsapp.  When I click on the SHARE_URL from Whatsapp, I get an option to open that intent, using different apps. And my app also features on that list, along with Chrome and other similar apps. So, now I click on my app. But, deeplink doesnt work now, and the app is routed to the Playstore. I am asked to install the app, whereas, I already have the app on my phone.

What I have done:

  1. In Activity C, onStart() method, I have init-ed a Branch session.
  2. In Activity C, onResume() method, I check for Branch.isAutoDeeplinkLaunch(this)
  3. In AndroidManifest, within Activity C, I have added an Intent Filter, with scheme=”com.toppr”, host=”open”, action=”view”, category=”default and browsable” (following proper syntax). I have ensured that the scheme I entered in the Manifest matches the URI scheme on the Branch Dashboard.

Is there anything that im doing wrong? I have followed the documentation, but cannot get it to work. — Developer
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Answered on July 21, 2016.

Please close this question. I have solved this issue. — Developer