Branch Journeys: Android SDK not integrated

I have setup the Branch SDK in my Android application and am testing Web-to-App Journeys. Upon setting up a Journey, the following error message displayed in the dashboard:

“Your journey targets Android users but the Android SDK is not integrated”

I have gone through the Android SDK setup multiple times and can’t seem to find any differences in my implementation with the instructed implementation. The web-link is redirecting to the Play Store as if the app needs to be installed…although the app is already installed on the device.

I was curious to see if anyone has ran into this issue previously, and if so, how have you dealt with or resolved it?


Self — Developer
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Answered on May 12, 2017.

This could be due to a mismatch in the Branch key that you used for initialising the web and the Android SDK. If the keys are same and you are still facing the issue, please create a ticket for our integrations team here.