– InitSessionWithData not working as expected when android app inactive


I am integrating titanium module with enterprise client project. I used OneSignal for push notification. When push notification received, OneSignal module launch app and fire event “getNotificationData”.  From this event I fired branch.initSessionWithData(“Branch-URL”);
Most of the time I got “{ }” response and I not able navigate particular page. but when i force kill the app and launch again, Now got response from branch and Navigate to particular page.
Please kindly help me fix this issue. Its very urgent.
I have logged the issue in your official github page.
(KrollRuntimeThread) [2076,5122] start init with data = (KrollRuntimeThread) [2,5124] Uri is (KrollRuntimeThread) [11,5135] inside onInitFinished (KrollRuntimeThread) [0,5135] return is not null (KrollRuntimeThread) [0,5135] {} (KrollRuntimeThread) [0,5135] start createSessionDict (KrollRuntimeThread) [0,5135] data: (KrollRuntimeThread) [1,5136] {} (KrollRuntimeThread) [0,5136] start parseJSONObject (KrollRuntimeThread) [4,5140] get example property
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Answered on June 13, 2016.

Hi there!

Looks like you’ve already got a response over on GitHub, but for for anyone else reading this: unfortunately, we haven’t added support for push notifications through Titanium yet. However, since you figured out how to do it with iOS, we also support the same mechanism with the core Android SDK. Please see this document for an example.

I hope you can get this working for your client. It’ll be a while before we add support on Titanium most likely.

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