Best approach for sending social invites.

Hi, we are using universal and deep linking for sending invites to our application via linked in and twitter. Our main purpose behind it is to use social network of a user for building social relations of the user and to allow follow/unfollow and linking of those accounts with that of user’s and enhance  user experience and increase fun as well by playing games.

For that we have used the custom on boarding approach

But are looking for a better User experience .

Can you suggest the best approach that we can use and also provide some demo if is possible? That’d be a great help!

SoluteLabs — Developer
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Answered on January 2, 2017.

Hi – thanks for posting the question.

Custom onboarding is definitely a great use case with which you can increase user activation rates in your app significantly. Unfortunately, I am not a UX expert but would guide you to a couple of blog posts that talk about user onboarding and how Gogobot was able to use it to increase sign ups. If you have any other specific question, please don’t hesitate in writing back. Thanks