Banner has ‘download’ instead of ‘open’ even though app is installed

Hi! On iOS(9.3), the smart banners on Chrome, Safari and Firefox do not show the ‘Open’ button and always display the ‘Download’ button even though the app is installed. This app is still in dev mode and is not on the app store. But the part that confuses me is that when I have the ‘Always try to open in app’ option on  checked, Chrome deep links to the mobile app when I click on the download button otherwise it takes me to tha app store and the other browsers(Firefox, Safari) still take me to the app store. Wondering if you guys can help.

SC — Developer
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Answered on August 16, 2016.

Hi there!

Being public on the app store (or not) actually has no impact on any of this, so don’t worry. We should be able to get it working regardless. The ‘Always try to open in app’ option unfortunately doesn’t work correctly on iOS 9+, because of the way Apple has implemented Universal Links. You most likely have some sort of configuration issue there, so our Universal Links troubleshooting guide is a great place to start.

To get the button showing Open, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Ensure the app that is being tested has setDebug enabled (see:
  2. Paste a link to a page with the SmartBanner code into Notes
  3. Uninstall the app
  4. Settings > General > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
  5. Settings > General > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Swipe left and delete every entry
  6. Settings > General > Privacy > Advertising > Reset Advertising Identifier…
  7. Click on the link in Notes (from step 1)
  8. The banner should always show “Download” (when it does not, it is because clearing the Website Data was unsuccessful)
  9. Tap on Download
  10. Run the app via Xcode (serves to install it)
  11. Stop the app in Xcode, then launch it from the phone
  12. Click on the link in Notes again – the button should now show “Open” and open the app

Give these steps a try and let me know if you are still having trouble!

Branch — Developer
Commented on August 16, 2016.

Hi Alex!

Cool. Thanks for the reply. I will look into that. I have not tried the smart banner code on Android, but I am assuming it should just work, correct ? Or is there any extra setup needed for Android ?

SC — Developer
Commented on August 16, 2016.

It would be essentially the same process. Basically we just need to see a click from the banner followed by an app session on the same device. After that link is established, the banner switches to displaying ‘Open’ in the button.

Branch — Developer
Commented on August 16, 2016.

So currently we are using ONLY the web sdk and I have 2 questions:

a) How would get the app session from the device ? Is there any code that the mobile app needs to know  ?

b) We have the same apple app prefix across 2 ios apps. Would the universal links across both the mobile apps work ?

SC — Developer
Commented on August 16, 2016.

Ahhh…yes you need to have the SDKs in your app to close the loop and make this. Otherwise Branch has no way to determine if the app is on your device.

Having multiple apps on the same prefix is fine. That’s just part of the matching criteria, so as long as you have different bundle IDs (which is required by Apple anyway) there is no conflict.

Branch — Developer