always getting referring param as “{“+is_first_session”: false, “+clicked_branch_link”: false, “+non_branch_link”: “web url” }”

Hi there, I have set up the branch sdk as mentioned in tutorial.

Also set up  the deep link data to web pages mentioned in Hosted deep link data, because I want to make a association between web pages and App.

Added <meta name=”branch:deeplink:$deeplink_pathcontent=”app-data/articles/45678“> in web page source code.

Added the intent filter to catch the web url click. After that when I share that web url though gmail and make a click event on web url.

A pop up appear with list of browser and my app. After selecting app from pop up , it launches my app from splash activity where i have written the code to handle the deep link data as mentioned in deep link routing. But in this callback I am always getting referring params as : {“+is_first_session”:false,”+clicked_branch_link”:false,”+non_branch_link”:”http:\/\/\/articles\/how-rippan-dullet-cracked-upsc-2014-civil-services-exam”}

I am not getting the deep link path that was mentioned in web page.

Shorturl is working fine and deferred deep linking also working fine.

I have checked site and App. I found meta-tag entry in web pages and i shared “ ” web page through gmail and since app was install in Mobile ,click on link redirected me to respective product page in App.

Can you please suggest ,what i am doing wrong here.

Careers360 — Developer
Commented on July 6, 2017.

Hey Abha, also experiencing this. Did you find a resolution?

Papercloud — Developer
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Answered on April 10, 2017.

Hi – can you create a ticket for our integrations team here with your account details? Thanks!