What are the best ways to increase your app ranking in the iOS App Store?

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In order to get your app in front of your valued customers or potential customers, you need to be prominent in app rankings. Take a look at our top 5 tips below to increase your app ranking in the App Store.

App Store Optimization
ASO is important and necessary, which aims to boost your app ranking in the App Store. There are a lot of skills about ASO, like optimize your app keywords, titles, names, screenshots, etc. The most important part is optimize keywords, Follow these 3 key tips when choosing your keywords:

    • Look for keyword relevant to your app;
    • Choose keywords with lower difficulty scores;
    • Choose keywords having highest traffic scores.

Be remember to add the important keyword in app name, which can increase the keyword ranking by 10.3%.

Buy Keyword Search Installs
ASO is a great way to boost app ranking, but it’s a “long term project”, the most efficient way to boost app ranking is buying keyword search installs, which can boost your app ranking instantly, about 8~10 hours.

Improve Reviews and Ratings
Those apps with much more positive reviews and high ratings rank much higher than others. Good reviews and high ratings also can notify those potential users that your app is high recommended and good reviewed by other users, which will help to generate more installs.

Increase the download Rates
If the App Store sees that almost every person that comes to your app’s page is downloading your app, chances are you’re going to go up in the rankings. You can optimizing the following aspects to increase the download rates:

    • Using eye-catching icon and screenshots and attractive videos. Graphical elements are always helpful to convince users.
    • Writing a great description. Highlight your app features and advantages in first 3~5 lines. Keep it short and simple with strategic placement of keywords.
    • Get app reviews and ratings. Which have mentioned before, most people prefer to download those apps which has much more positive reviews and 4/5 star ratings.

Update and Upgrade frequently
Consistent and frequent upgrades indicate that your brand is constantly trying to improve the app and dedicated to providing an optimal user-experience. What’s more, it can increase your app ranking temporarily.

Hope the 5 methods are useful to you.

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