The importance of App reviews

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The Importance of App Reviews:

    • Positive reviews help to generate your app’s credibility and notify potential users that your app is high recommended, which will eventually generate more installations for your app.


    • App store comments and ratings will affect the download rate. when potential users decide to download your app, they will judge its quality by reading the previous reviews from other users. Over 70% users will look at least one review before downloading. And 90% apps with over 4-star ratings will be downloaded.


    • A good and positive app store customer review is also a signal to the App Store. It tells the App Store that your app is high reviewed and high recommended.


    • The reviews were simply too critical to app discovery and downloads to leave up to chance. 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews.


So get positive reviews is a good way to increase app download. I recommend you Reviewapp4u to cooperate with which can provides this kind of service and guarantee that all the reviews are from real users, and the price is comptitive. You can find more information in the website. 

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