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Hi follows,

We just launched a new service to help people with retention and engagement. It doesn’t provide you with a dashboard or some of the regular things – it will just send you actionable insights on which you directly can create engagement messages.

It’s pretty early stage and heavily based on an artificial intelligence system. If you want to try it out let me know.

Cheers Martin

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Stealth — Product Manager
0 on July 10, 2016

Hey Martin, 

This is super cool, AI in Retention and Engagement. Do you think we can reach the ultimate customization of one – with such platforms. 

Do you think this can lead to in-app A/B testing as well?

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Cancel — Product Manager
0 on July 11, 2016

Hi Rish, 

that exactly what we are aiming for – it will still take a couple of years before we know how to use the technology to this. But it is in arms reach.

We can use it for any kind simple interface – like Push Notification, In-App Messages – so right now you can use it for example for slash screen. But you still need to provide the content – for now 🙂


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Mobile Growth Community — Product Manager
0 on July 13, 2016

Hi Martin,

This looks pretty awesome!

In terms of tracking, do you integrate with systems like eloqua, hubspot, and marketo?  The website says it’ll only take 90 minutes to integrate, that seems like a very basic integration? What exactly are the metrics it pulls and analyzes? 


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Cancel — Product Manager
0 on July 16, 2016

Hi Amanda,

There are two sides when it comes to integration. Getting data in and getting messages out.

We integrated with a lot of existing tracking solutions. So if you have already setup something like segment or Google tag manager we just tap into this data. Than its basically a one click setup. If you don’t have anything, it requires you a to place the tracking code in the right places. But we help you with this and normally prepare a guide for each customer where and how to track the users behaviors.

For sending push notifications or emails it depends also on your solution. We can work with most common platforms like localytics or intercom for Mobil and CRMs and help desk systems for Web or SaaS solutions. We can set this up, so everything works automatically or just give you a list of users to engage or call.

Let’s me know if you want to know more.

Regards Martin

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