How can you effectively promote your iOS app in the App Store?

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Today, the Apple App Store grows by over 1.000 apps each day. One thousand apps a day, plus a monstrous amount of apps that are already live, means the competition for downloads, search space, and customers is fierce. Today’s post is here to help.

Data shows that over 75% users download apps in the App Store, promoting app in the App Store is the most effective app promotion strategy. Below are 2 most efficient ways to promote your app in the App Store. Below are 2 most efficient ways to promote your app in the App Store.


ASO stands for “app store optimization”, and it means optimizing different factors (keywords, title, description, etc.) related to your app so that it performs well within the App Store. What does ‘well’ mean? If done correctly, ASO will help people discover your app by increasing its ranking and visibility through organic app store search, which in turn leads to more downloads, which in turn increases visibility…and on it goes.

Get Featured on the App Store

With so many apps in the App Store, getting featured can be difficult. But it’s not impossible, and there are ways to get featured on the App Store.

  • Build a high-quality app
  • Design your app like Apple
  • Use Apple’s latest features
  • Understand how the App Store works
  • Make your app universal
  • Use Apple’s latest features
  • Update frequently
  • Have seasonal updates
  • Optimize your app store listing
  • Build a relationship with Apple
  • Release your app on a Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Keep your ratings & downloads up

The App Store feature is dominated by apps with user rating more than 4.0.

You can invite your users, families and friends rate your app, of course, you can also get app ratings from third partie which will not cost you much. What’s more, 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more higher ratings.

We know you want to get featured so that you can get more downloads. But, unfortunately, another metric that Apple looks at is downloads. So, start getting some downloads at the beginning…and then you’ll get even more downloads. Then, it’s a good choice to get app installs from third parties, like Asotop1, in the first stage, what’s more, by buying keyword search installs can boost app ranking efficiently, about 8~10 hours.

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