The not so ethical tactics for growth

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I don’t have a range of tactics, but the thread might be more useful if it centralizes them, and the one I will expose here as a first answer is probably not worth a thread by its own. If you know about a tactic related to that topic, please tell us about it in an answer!

Black Hat: as opposed to White Hat, the term is mainly used in SEO to define tactics that are not conventional and quite bad regarding ethics. In growth hacking, it can include things like scraping, or contacting members from another site to bring them on yours, like what Airbnb did on Craigslist.

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Testing a competitor’s ads creatives

Imagine you could know, for an app install ad, the exact conversion rate of the ads / creatives that your competitor is using.

Well, you can. You’ll have to find a workaround to buy the ads (purposefully no detail is given here), but the idea is to run a campaign for your competitor’s app, with their creatives. But of course, with a small amount of money (500 $ should be enough). You should then be able to deduce the real life conversion rate they’re having, and how much effective the creatives of your competitor are. This has huge value, since it can then become you bench / you have to perform better!

And then, you can A/B test (reminder: A/B testing is the action of testing to variants A and B with a sample of users, and keep which performs best), to see what is really effective in those ads. Is it the text? The graphics/images? What if we change that part? If your competitor is good at advertising, you’ll have to perform better. Don’t just copy, don’t just force yourself to make something completely different without purpose, and don’t base everything solely on your intuition. Investigate and get the best possible knowledge and insights you can get, and then make better choices.

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Disclaimer: I myself too doesn’t hold a lot of knowledge about mobile growth hacking and such tactics

New devs and publishers with a lack of budget always thrive for “open” app review exchange (seems Gray Hat ASO for me) which I think isn’t worth investing their time.

Yes, black hat is unethical but I completely disagree about Black Hat ASO as “not conventional” and I look into it as “essential” for growth hacking. Paying for installs, reviews and ratings are one of the best services you can get to fire up your campaign, we all know these are against the rules but that’s the essence of black hat.

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