Best strategies to promoting your app

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Cynexis Media — Developer
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There are many strategies to promote your mobile app that totally depend on the app type. If you are thinking to promote your Gaming app then you should promote your app on Facebook by paid campaign. if anyone have other strategies to promote app, please share idea with me.

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ASOTOP1 — Other
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Hi friends, as we all know that there are millions of apps in the app store, how to make more potential users know your app and download your app is a common problem many app developers are faced. So promoting your app become very important. Here I want to share some strategies about how to promote app.

  • Create a high-quality app

The first and the most important thing is create a high quality app. Imagine yourself as a app users, what kind of app would you like to download? Of course the high quality one with perfect functions. So make your app can let targeted users get benefit from it.

  • App Store Optimization

The finally result of promoting your app is to get more downloads and make you app come into the top charts in the app store. So do app store optimization is very helpful for this target. App Store Optimization, it is specifically what increases the visibility of your app in the marketplace. The higher its rank, the more users will find your app when they search, then the more downloads will generate. ASO is very complicated, so you can do it by yourself or cooperate with some reliable companies, such as ASOTOP1. They promise boost your app store ranking in a short time. This is a time – saving way. But I also will give you some tips about how to do ASO.

Title – choose a right name for your app, and put core keywords in the subtitle.

Icon – make an attractive icon that can catch users eye and have a deep impression.

Keywords – choose right keywords which fit for your app’s field, and choose the words can be searched easier in the app store.

Screenshot – choose some attractive screenshots and make a short video.Show the functions and advantages of your app.

Description – put the most important keywords in the first three sentences, and also introduce more about your company.

  • Social Media

This is an useful way. First you can establish some social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Ins. Introducing your app in the form of telling fans stories. Write the advantages and functions of your app. Communicate with fans and promote your app.

  • Advertise

Advertise plays an important role in promoting apps. This methods can be divided into 2 parts.

Online advertise – such as Facebook ads, and cooperate with some web celebrities, they have a lot of loyal fans, so if they can advertise for your app, you can get a lot of downloads.

Offline advertise – make a short but attractive video about your app. Make it play in the people-crowd places, such as railway station, subway station, some screens of squares. Make more people know your app.

  • Face to face promotion

This method need your friends’ help, ask them advertise it to their friends and relatives.

  • Buy app reviews and ratings

Buy app reviews and ratings from reliable companies can help get more downloads, nearly 70% users will have a look at the reviews to judge the quality of one app. So get more positive reviews and ratings can also help promote your app  and boost your app rankings. Try your best to avoid the bad reviews.

  • Take use of forums

Post threads in some relevant forums to increase the exposure of your app, and also answer the questions relevant to your app.

  • Reward your loyal users

Give some small gifts as a reward. Sent your thanks to them, this can make they continue have interest in your app, and they can advertise your app to their friends, too. 

Above are the strategies about how to promote your app, hope my answer can help you, and if you have more ideas about this, please add here, we can learn together. Thanks~




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