Anyone interested in increasing their app’s users should check out these links…

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Pyze — Developer
2 845 on June 7, 2016

Both of these links are very insightful on the specific marketing strategies that can generate the most users visiting your site or mobile app.

Talks about how to achieve effective SEO that will bring you free traffic to your app. SEO in my opinion is one of the most useful strategies to build users, but feel free to share you own thoughts as well about marketing tools.



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Stealth — Product Manager
0 on June 7, 2016

SEO and Great content are the best strategies as they are like royalties, benefits keep rolling in long after the works been done. 

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ASOTOP1 — Other
0 on July 20, 2017

Yes, SEO can bring free traffic to an app. ASO is somewhat similar to SEO. SEO is done to get our websites on the front pages of search engines,similar ASO for our apps. When mentioned increase app users, app store optimization is a good way, too. After do app store optimization, app’s visibility can be increased and then get more app downloads. More app downloads an app get, more downloads it will get. So this is a good way to gain new users. When an app have a large user base, it will come in the top when users search the keywords in the search box. So do a good ASO can help increase new users. If app developers have enough budget, I recommend they cooperate with some professional companies, such as ASOTOP1. They guarantee they can help boost App Store Ranking via App Store Optimization and Get App Ranked in Search Results. So your app will get a lot of new users.


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