39 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Boost Adoption

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Skyjet — Product Manager
2 1188 on August 17, 2016

“Mobile is becoming the first choice for younger consumers. Business owners now more than ever have to think about what type of experience they are giving to their potential customers when they are experiencing your website or app on mobile. Is it usable, does it load fast enough, is the same experience on a laptop translating to mobile?…”


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Wopata — Sales
0 on August 18, 2016

Thanks for sharing this. Very useful and a lot of good ideas ! 

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ASOTOP1 — Other
0 on July 11, 2017

Thanks very much, these are very useful mobile marketing strategies. And I agree with that.

I find there is one tip that Help People Find Your App with App Store Optimization. This is the basic thing of mobile marketing that app developers should do. ASO plays a very important role in promoting app. Data shows that 75% users download an app through searching it in the app store. So how to make your app be searched easier in the app store is very important. And ASO can help this.

All the app developers are dedicated to promoting theirs products. Right ways can make things easier with less energy and money. App developers can do App Store Optimization by yourself or work with a reliable ASO service provider to get more app downloads. They are sure that once well-equipped with the ASO ways, you can see a progress in promoting your iOS apps in a very short period.


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